Leading People doesn't have to be So Hard!

White Rabbit helps your managers become better leaders. We teach you the highest impact practices effective leaders use that result in increased Engagement, Retention, & Performance.

We provide Trainings, Courses, & Webinars for Curious Leaders.

We’re here to help you navigate the complicated part of running an organization – the leading a group of diverse people part –  so you can focus on what you do best!


Our Trainings & Courses are Designed for the Real World.

Practice is greater than theory

Abstract theories never survive contact with day-to-day work. We believe the best learning comes from closing the gap between idea and action, then repeating.

Formation over Information

Sitting & soaking in information won’t create the behavioral change you desire. We believe forming consistent practices makes lasting change.

Simplify Don't Complexify

If you want to slow down change, make things complicated and hard to implement. We believe you can make things simple, but not simplistic, and succeed! 

"I Created White Rabbit for Curious Leaders."

We see our job as making visible the invisible wisdom & potential in every leader and team member. Solving real world problems & designing practical solutions is a team sport. Creating a great brand is too! Our heartbeat is all about gathering your team, making connections, and forming high impact practices that lead to success.

Hi there! Nice to meet you.

Picture of Mike Wagner

Mike Wagner

Founder / Lead Facilitator

My roles include Training Development, Client Facilitations, & Presenting at Conferences (mostly online these days). You can usually find me out for my daily walk or at the used book store.

Picture of Aaron Wagner

Aaron Wagner

Client Services / Design

My roles include Web Development, Materials Design, and making sure our Clients have everything they need to make their training a success. You can usually find me out on a bike ride or at a local brewery in FoCo.

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